TOP 10 Health Insurance Companies in Canada


One of the significant advantages that Canadians have is plenty of Insurance Companies to rely on. They provide different types of insurance. Many of them offer health insurance. It is great. However, it creates a challenge as to which ones are the best.

There are common denominators of what the health insurance covers. Each Insurance company likes to offer something that is unique. Or, something at least they feel is better than their competitors.

The following are ten of what many consider to be the best Insurance Companies. At least when it comes to the Health Insurance, they each have to offer.

1 Manulife
2 Sunlife Financial
3 GreatWest Life
4 Ontario Blue Cross
5 GMS Health Insurance
6 Scotia Life Health and Dental Insurance
7 State Farm
9 Green Shield Canada
9.1 Limited Health Insurance
10 TD Insurance


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